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Joka was founded in 1995. Initially, it dealt with supplying companies and individual customers with building and finishing materials. Over the years, it has expanded its offer to include services such as precision water and laser cutting, rental and sale of construction equipment and devices. After several years of its activity, Joka focused on providing construction services in the field of industrial construction, including the construction of production halls, warehouses and logistics centers for domestic and foreign investors.

Joka offers comprehensive execution of:

 modern production plants and warehouses,
office buildings,
 public buildings,
 technological installations.

In addition, our offer includes:

 support in the individual selection of the technological variant for a given investment location,
 implementation of formal and administrative stages of the planned investment,
 co-operation in the implementation of investments and consultation of projects,
designing, general contracting and financing, including project management starting with the location selection stage.

Joka means:

 dozens of investments throughout the country for domestic and foreign investors,
priceless experience - 25 years on the construction market,
high quality of the offered services,
highly specialized and professional technical and managerial staff,
co-operation with reputable suppliers of building materials and technologies,
 co-operation with renowned design offices.

Work specification:

Each enterprise is created to realize the business goals set for them. However, without a proper management system, they are only a set of resources. Each organization must have an appropriate structure and defined goals, thanks to which it is able to organize the available resources properly.

The structure of our company is based on responsible units that manage individual departments. We are sure that these are people who meet the relevant criteria, i.e.

 they have the power to command resources in order to reach precisely designated points,
 they have an obligation to make important decisions, often affecting the fate of the company and colleagues,
 they are able to skillfully delegate their work and influence the development of their subordinates, they are responsible for the effects of their department's work.


Our unit operates in an unpredictably changing economic, legal, political and natural environment, which means that we must constantly modify our structures to adapt them to new procedures and requirements. To maintain maximum responsibility in our business operations, on a regular basis we:

 identify legal and other provisions regarding the company's operations,
 determine external and internal factors relevant to the goal and strategic direction of activities as well as those affecting the organization's ability to achieve the set goals,
 identify interested parties and the requirements of those parties that may be relevant to the proper functioning of the company,
 assess risks and opportunities and implement appropriate actions based on these estimates.

Partners operating within Joka Group are:

Joka Budownictwo Sp. z o.o.
 Joka Sp. z o.o.
Joka Materiały Budowlane Sp. z o.o.
 Joka Narzędzia Sp. z o.o.
 Joka ZRI Sp. z o.o.
 Joka Serwis Sp. z o.o.
 Zre-x Sp. z o.o.

Existing customers of Joka Sp. z o.o. include among others:

Fiat Auto Poland, Magneti Marelli, Proma, Indesit, Lampre, Auto Partner, Profilpas, Michelin, Union Industries, SPM Logistics, Ingest Facility Poland, Automotive Lighting, Whirlpool, Flexider, Busch, Sistema Poland, CKM Technology, Dragon, Synthos, Greiner Multifoam, GLS, Panattoni Europe, Millennium Logistic Parks, MEC Piła, Kogeneracja S.A., PGNiG Termika, Tenglong.

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